Steel Wire Mesh

Sold Locally in Greeley, Colorado & Delivered to Surrounding Areas

In the wire mesh industry, plain steel – or carbon steel, as it sometimes referred to—is a very popular metal that is commonly manufactured in both woven and welded wire mesh specifications. It is comprised primarily of iron (Fe) with a small amount of carbon (C). It is a relatively low cost option that is versatile and widespread in its use.

Plain Steel Wire Mesh

MeshWire DiameterWidthConstruction Type
4 in Open0.250 in4 inWelded
4 in0.250 in3.75 inWelded
3 in Open0.250 in3 inWelded
3 in0.192 in2.808 inWelded
3 in0.135 in2.865 inWelded
2 in Open0.250 in2 inWelded
2 in0.250 in1.750 inWelded
2 in0.187 in1.813 inWelded
2 in0.162 in1.838 inWelded
2 in0.156 in1.844 inWelded
2 in0.135 in1.865 inWelded
2 in0.120 in1.880 inWelded
2 in0.105 in1.895 inWelded
1-1/2 in0.162 in1.338 inWelded
1-1/2 in0.135 in1.365 inWelded
1-1/2 in0.120 in1.380 inWelded
1 in0.135 in0.865 inWelded
1 in 0.120 in0.880 inWelded
1 in0.080 in0.920 inWelded
2 in0.063 in0.437 inWelded
2 in0.047 in0.453 inWelded