Gauge to Decimals

20 ga.0.0350.03618 ga.0.0490.048
16 ga.0.0650.06015 ga.0.0720.067
14 ga.0.0830.07513 ga.0.0950.090
12 ga.0.1090.10511 ga.0.1200.120
10 ga.0.1340.1348 ga.0.0000.164
7 ga.0.1880.180
  • Circumference of a Circle: Diameter x 3.1416
  • Diameter of a Circle: Circumference x 0.31931
  • Area of a Circle: Square of Diameter x .7854
  • Area of a Rectangle: Length x Breadth
  • Area of a Triangle: Base x 1/2 of Perpendicular Height
  • Area of an Ellipse: Product of Both Diameters x 0.7854
  • Area of a Parallelogram: Base x Altitude
  • Side of an Equal Square: Diameter x 0.8862
  • Side of an Inscribed Square: Diameter x 0.7071
  • Cubic Inches in a ball: Cube of Diameter x .05236
  • Cubic contents of a Cone: Area of Base x 1/3 Altitude
  • Surface of a Frustrum of Cone or Pyramid:
  • Contents of Frustrum of Cone or Pyramid:
  • A side of inscribed square equals radius of a sphere multiplied by 1.1547
  • One cubic foot equals 7.5 gallons
  • Doubling the diameter of a circle increases its area four times
  • Doubling the diameter of a pipe increases its capacity four times
  • A side of a square multiplied by 1.4142 equals the diameter of its circumbscribing circle